Is your construction site compliant with all of the newly amended regulations?

Here's how to ensure you're ready to comply with the Construction Regulations!

Construction Compliance Guide: How to be 100% Compliant with Construction Regulations

Meet the six leading health and safety experts who’ll help you be 100% compliant...
Johann Botes
Has been in business for over 10 years. His qualifications include - OHS Management ,Advance Risk Assessments,Legal Compliance Auditing,Facilitator (Train the trainer),SAIOSH Reg No. 21935386,OHSAS 18001 – Implementation and Auditing,Legal Accountability, COID,Outcomes Based Assessor, Construction Regulations & Control,Currently busy with Law degree at Unisa.

Rudy Maritz
Has over 28 years in business risk management and organisational development.  He’s currently the chairperson of the National Institute of Organisational Compliance Consultants of South Africa.

Bosman Stramrood has 18 years' experience in the field of safety, health and environment and started his career in the mining industry.

Today, he’s the Executive Head at SHEQ Consulting and Training where he’s trained thousands of people across dozens of industries in safety management.

Hayleth Gunter
A Health and Safety consultant as well as a Risk Management Consultant with 25 years' experience.
Since 1989, he’s provided a consulting service to the industry where he assists companies with implementing Health and Safety legislation.

Ted Rowen is a member of:
 - The Institute of Safety Management
 - The South African Institute of Security
 - And the South African Institute for Risk Managers.

He’s also a registered Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner.

Sven Marcus has seven years' experience in the occupational health industry.
She currently manages wellness clinics for various companies.

Together, these five experts have poured over 100 years of experience into our Construction Compliance Guide to help your project go smoothly and ensure it doesn’t result in any losses.

You won’t find a more detailed guide in SA!

Dear Manager,

Lately everywhere we turn, Construction is in the news…

The Construction Regulations were promulgated on 7 February 2014 and you should be complying!

Failure to comply with just one could result in an incident that leaves dozens of people injured or even dead!

Just imagine the consequences of having to deal with their families and how much money you’ll have to fork out when they take you to court!

Not to mention the emotional stress involved.

And then you still have to deal with the DoL breathing down your neck and fining you.

Do you know how to comply with all 30 regulations?

When it comes to construction, the DoL inspectors take compliance and safety extremely seriously...Three reasons why complying with your construction regulations is vital

They’ll inspect every last detail of your site.
From your scaffolding to your Health and Safety file...
From your Health and Safety Plan to your construction appointment letters...

If you don’t abide by ALL 30 of their regulations, you’ll be in serious trouble!

You could:
-    Be fined up to R100,000...
-    Spend two years behind bars...
-    Have your project, which is already costing you thousands of rands, completely shutdown...
-    And still be liable for death and injury claims if an incident occurs.

Your site may be next on the DoL’s inspection list!

It’s not only small companies that get their projects shutdown because things have gone wrong...

Accidents can happen at any site regardless of the size.

And it’s your responsibility to ensure you’re complying with the OHS’s construction regulations to avoid anything from going wrong.

The choice is yours: Will you land in hot water? Or will yours be one of the few sites deemed 100% compliant the next time the DoL comes stomping through your site?

Yes, I want to discover how to ensure my
construction sites are 100% compliant...

Be one step ahead of the DoL’s site inspectors starting today...

Here at FSP Business, we know the construction industry can be extremely tough. We know it seems impossible to keep up with all the regulations!

That’s why I’ve convinced five leading health and safety experts to compile Construction Compliance Guide: How to be 100% Compliant with Construction Regulations to help ensure every phase of your project is 100% legally protected.

It’ll keep you one step ahead of your construction regulations. And inform you of all the health and safety hazards you need to look for. That’s why it includes 27 simple and easy-to-follow checklists.

These checklists will help you ensure you meet your:

  1. Client requirements
  2. Contractors’ requirements
  3. Supervision of construction work requirements
  4. Risk assessment requirements
  5. Fall protection requirements
  6. Structure requirements
  7. Excavation requirements
  8. Demolition work requirements
  9. Tunnelling requirements
  10. Scaffolding requirements
  11. And 17 more.
Construction Compliance Guide
But that’s not all you get in Construction Compliance Guide. It also provides you with everything you need to be 100% compliant every step of the way including...
The best part is, because Construction Compliance Guide comes on a convenient CD, you can print any of these essential documents at a click of a button and use them over and over again for as many projects as you like!

Yes, I want to discover how to ensure my
construction sites are 100% compliant...

Thanks to Construction Compliance Guide you’ll be compliant with all 30 construction regulations starting today...

Ensure your site is fully compliant starting today! Get your copy of Construction Compliance Guide for just R999 excl vat and postage and discover how.

Remember, all it takes to cause a fatal incident is being non-compliant with one regulation!

Don’t be without this essential tool for another minute. A DoL inspector could show up tomorrow to inspect your site! Or worse a fatal accident could happen today!

But with our help, you can rest assured that you’ll always be on the right side of the law.

Here’s to being 100% compliant with the OHS Act and your 30 Construction Regulations...

Louise Harty
Louise Harty, FSP Business    

P.S: If you order your copy of Construction Compliance Guide today, you’ll get a 30 day money back guarantee. If during that time all the useful information on it doesn’t blow you away, simply return the CD for a full refund.

P.P.S: Did you know the department spends R2.5 billion a year on health and safety compensations claims in the construction industry alone?

The reason? Because companies don’t comply with the construction regulations they’re suppose to.

And if your site doesn’t comply, you’ll be adding to this statistic. But you won’t suffer the same fate if you order your copy of Construction Compliance Guide today!

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Construction Compliance Guide: How to be 100% Compliant with Construction Regulations

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